News and views on D|N|A (Updated 21/5)

by matthew on May 18, 2011

As the dust settles here at Concordia after the symposium, some of our participants have found the time to comment on the proceedings. We’ll add more as they surface.

Will Luers’ thoughtful blog entry. Example: “…the database narrative as a form is an orientation to the human world as a complex adaptive system rather than as a site of large and small “conflicts” centered around individual will and desire.” Like that.

Kat Cizek’s generous blog post about the Cabaret.

An extended and insightful set of observations from Adrian Miles, begun during the event.

Karen Herland’s short article ‘What is our D|N|A?’ in Concordia’s online news magazine Now.

David Dufresne’s blog post Out my Window, version cabaret.

The Goethe-Institut interviews Florian after D|N|A. (Also in German.)

And finally – our lo-fi Korsakow film documenting the lightning talks and the fishbowl is just about done (thanks Sean!).

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