An International Symposium on Nonlinear Digital Storytelling

Concordia University, Montréal (13-15 May 2011)

Marsha Kinder (Professor of Critical Studies, School of Cinematic Arts, USC; Executive Director of The Labyrinth Project)
Katerina Cizek (Award-winning experimental documentarian; Filmmaker in Residence, National Film Board of Canada)

With a nonlinear, interactive lecture by Florian Thalhofer (Berlin; documentary filmmaker; inventor of the Korsakow System)

Reflecting recent developments in the theories and practices of new media production, described variously as database documentary, interactive narrative, and experimental archiving, D|N|A sought to highlight some of the most important issues and ideas currently characterizing this emerging discourse – and perhaps constitutive of a future, core set of properties or dynamics. (Contemporary works of note that characterize some of these developments include: Planet Galata; The Thousandth Tower; Gaza/Sderot; 7 Sons; St. Michael’s Hospital; The Whale Hunt; Folk Songs for the Five Points; Klatsassin; Soft Cinema; Life after Wartime; Danube Exodus; Tulse Luper Suitcases.)

This interdisciplinary symposium brought together theorists, scholars, artists, curators and programmers, currently working in these and related areas for panel presentations, roundtables, screenings, a Korsakow workshop, and an exhibition, in a three-day event intended to foster discussions, creative exchange and debate.

D|N|A was organized by CINER-G, the Concordia Interactive Narrative Experimentation & Research Group, with generous support from the FQRSC, Concordia University (VP Research & Graduate Studies), and the Goethe-Institut Montréal.